Legacy Estates

Ranked among the nation’s Best 1.5% Real Estate Professionals of 2022, Certified Probate & Trust Specialist and pricing Strategy Amir specializes in Legacy estate properties.

Based in The Agency’s flagship office since 2015, his knowledge of local municipal codes and his team of senior land use advisors work with clients throughout Los Angeles primarily in Sunset Plaza, Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades.

His discerning eye for real estate and decades of international business experience make him a crucial ally in ensuring sellers maximize gains. As sharp as he is compassionate, Amir loyally advocates on behalf of his clients and creatively negotiates to help them achieve their aspirations.

Work With Amir

Amir passionately searches for exactly what his clients are seeking, delving into off-market and investment properties to create their ideal home. As a trusted advisor, Amir guides his clients on understanding the future potential and how to extract the highest profit possible.

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